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Spring Sales Workshop

Unlock revenue & growth | taught by Chin Hing Chang

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Course description

It's time to grow your business through revenue.

The Spring Sales Workshop will help you form the foundation critical to developing a sales process for growth.

The Sales Workshop is designed for early stage, for-profit companies that sell a product or service to other organizations/businesses. Founders are encouraged to undergo this sales training to better understand how to set up their revenue engine and recruit the right sales talent even if they are not directly involved in the sales process. People involved in the sales process will benefit the most from this program as it provides the training necessary to build and improve on sales.

What you'll learn:

In the Spring Sales Workshop, you will:

  • Understand and map out the sales process (audit your existing process)
  • Create a funnel specific to your business
  • Leverage marketing to feed into sales (Inbound Sales)
  • Learn prospecting techniques and funnel (Outbound Sales)
  • Create a sales script/copy for different touch points in your funnel
  • Polish your ability to negotiate to a close
  • Reduce funnel “leak”, and shorten your sales cycles


The program systematically takes you through the sales process with pre-work and homework consisting of readings, questions to answer, and targeted next steps.

By joining the Sales Workshop, you will:

  • Discover how to approach sales in your own style
  • Gain a clear understanding of industry best practices and what works best for your business
  • Better understand buyer psychology and how to lead a customer to a close
  • Learn what to look for in a good sales hire
  • Create a repeatable baseline process that you can use to train and tool up other salespeople

Program Details

  • Online content + in-person workshops and mentoring
  • Limited to 20 people per cohort

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Chin Hing Chang
Chin Hing Chang
Program Manager

Chin wants to change the world, and he believes that the best way to do that is to develop and empower other leaders to make sustainable and meaningful change. A serial entrepreneur with a background in sales and operations, Chin supports Spring as the Program Manager and Lead Facilitator. Chin manages partner and mentor relationships, provides consultation for entrepreneurs, and leads the global expansion of Spring’s programs.

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