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$10,000 Launch Challenge

The Launch Challenge is a newly-established grant fund to help entrepreneurs and business owners in various communities in British Columbia and the Yukon to invest in launching: A new business / A new product or service offering / An existing product or service in a new market.

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Google Analytics to gain consumer insights

Ray Wang - Principal at RW Digital

Website traffic trends | Traffic source performance | Geographic and interest segmentation | Revenue and product performance trends | Wordpress plugins

Optimizing online sales funnels

Kari Enge - Founder of Rank & File Magazine

Human-centered sales | Setting goals for each layer of the funnel | Upleveling your opt-in copy for greater conversions

Fundraising options, alternatives and a guide to success

David Van Seters - Co-Founder of Wayblaze

Fundraising options and platforms | Loans and Grants options | Valuation | Crowdfunding platforms | Tips to raise money from angel investors

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